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Coris Protect

Provident insurance* at only 1000 FCFA/Month

Medical expenses in the event of an accident
Compensation in the event of death from any cause
Compensation in the event of absolute disability following illness or accident

*Offer subject to conditions

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All my transactions at your fingertips with E-coris
My Online Bank

Check your balance
Edit your account statement
Make account-to-account transfers
View currency rates


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2015 - 2020 5 years
At the service of the development of the national economy


coris savings


I save and earn 3.75%.

My savings have value

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Products & Services

Coris Bank International, the bank in Togo that offers products and services tailored to your needs.

Term deposits

The term deposit is a renewable fixed investment, with a theoretical minimum duration of 1 month. The purpose of the TD is to build up remunerative savings whose interest is paid at maturity on the basis of the terms of the contract.

Fast money transfers

Rapid money transfers are sending or receiving funds from a WAEMU country or the rest of the world on behalf of a customer


We make funds available in several forms, the CBI remains the best bank to support you.


We facilitate the execution of your contracts between contractors or suppliers and a public authority for the execution of works


Send money to your loved ones with peace of mind. Our teams present in all the agencies will accompany you.


Our service allows you to access your account via the internet 24 hours a day. It allows us to maintain a permanent relationship with our customers wherever they are in the world. It also allows you to have information about your account(s) in real time.

Sms banking

It is a service that allows the customer to easily access from his mobile phone, all the information relating to his account 24 hours a day (credit or debit transactions).

Foreign exchange transactions

Foreign exchange is a service for obtaining foreign currencies or exchanging currencies (international foreign currencies) using the national currency.

Bank cards

The bank card offer at Coris Bank International has been developed according to you, according to your desires for freedom or your desires for control. With us there is always a card that suits you.


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Chers clients,
Avec le développement du numérique, les fraudes augmentent et sont de plus en plus sophistiquées. Il est donc primordial de rester vigilant et d’agir avec prudence face aux appels téléphoniques, aux Emails et aux liens malveillants.
A Coris Bank International Togo, nous plaçons votre sécurité au centre de nos préoccupations.
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Téléphone : +228 22 20 82 82 ou le 8283
Coris Bank International, La Banque Autrement !
La Direction Générale

Acquisition de la filiale de société générale au tchad

Le groupe coris annonce l’achevement du processus d’acquisition de la filiale de société générale au tchad.
Les hauts dirigeants des deux Groupes bancaires, Coris et Société Générale, ont organisé une cérémonie de closing du rachat de la filiale de Société Générale au Tchad (SGT) ce mercredi 31 janvier 2024 à N’Djamena, marquant l’achèvement réussi du processus engagé depuis juin 2023, à la suite de l’annonce de la signature de l’Accord de cession de cette filiale.
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